This is the Portico Tejas (tay-haas) where seventy-six foot columns of Texas limestone frame the bronze double doorways. The carving at the top of the building is the symbolic Seal of Texas, designed by Barthelme and carved in relief by Harry Lee Gibson. The female figure, representing the State of Texas, kneels behind the state flag holding a torch, which represents fiery spirits of Texas patriotism. The owl of wisdom holds the key to progress and prosperity. In the frieze (carving at the top of the building) along the exterior walls are the names of famous early Texans that influenced the formation of the state. If you look at the frieze from left to right, you will see the architect’s signature; the first letters of the carved names spell Barthelme except for the final “e.” The bronze doors are decorated with symbols of Texas industry and agriculture that include cotton bolls, wheat sheaves, pine cones, saw blades, oil derricks, lariats, cattle, and ponies.