The Gold Medallion

The Gold Medallion was created by Joseph Renier. He was also a Yale artist and faculty member. This immense bas-relief was finished in three shades of burnished gold. Surrounding the star are six symbolic female figures, which represent the six different nations that have laid claim to Texas. Clockwise from the upper right is the Texas figure holding the seal of the Republic of Texas. Next is Mexico, represented in an elaborate Aztec motif and holding the seal of the Republic of Mexico; below her is Spain holding a seal emblazoned with the two kingdoms of Castille and Aragon, which united shortly before Queen Isabella financed Christopher Columbus’ voyage to the New World. To her left is France, wearing an 18th Century costume and holding a seal with the three fleur-de-lis of the Bourbon monarchs. A stately and dignified Confederacy at center left holds a garland of flowers with the seal of the Confederate States of America by her side. Finally, there is the Union figure at the top left representing the United States of America.